Work as a courier
with the Yango
Pro app 

By car, scooter or bike. Earn up to 440 ₪/day*

Flexible schedule
Work for a couple hours a day or for an entire shift
Quick start
You can start working the same day you register on the Platform
Stable earnings
Average courier earnings are up to 440 ₪/day
Transparent terms
Items for delivery can be no heavier than 20 kg for drivers and 10 kg for other couriers
No special requirements
How to start working
Submit an application

We'll call you to discuss the details

Register on the Platform as a courier
Start earning with Yango Pro app
How much can I earn?

Your final earnings depend on where you're working and your schedule — the more deliveries you make, the more you earn.

Do I need any previous or special experience?

All you need is to be registered as Osek Murshe or Osek Patur at tax authorities. If you want to make deliveries by bicycle, anyone 18 or older is welcome.

You need a driver's license if you plan to make deliveries by e-bike, motor scooter or car.

What can I use for transport?

You can use any type of transport, including a car (any model), motor scooter, e-bike, regular bike or regular scooter.

There's a list of items prohibited for delivery, and the sender is liable for complying with these restrictions if the item is packaged.

How to register and start completing orders?

First, apply on the site so we can call you and discuss the details. You'll most likely need to visit a Yango office to complete registration. There you need to show your ID, as well as a driver's license if you plan to make deliveries by e-bike, motor scooter or car.  

Fri Mar 26 2021 13:31:08 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)