Modern urban logistics solutions
Grow your business with smart delivery
Yango is a ride-hailing service that gets people where they want to go quickly, safely, and affordably. It operates in over 300 large cities across 16 countries around the world — in some of these places, it’s known as Yandex Go. The service was launched in 2011 by Yandex, one of Europe’s largest tech companies building smart products and services powered by machine learning. The experience and technology driving Yango has changed consumer perceptions about what delivery can be. Urban logistics are now faster and more convenient than ever, letting you choose the time, track the couriers and make deliveries to customers easier.
Our services
Express delivery
• Anywhere in Gush Dan
• Delivery in 1-2 hours
How it works
1. A courier arrives in 15 minutes to pick up the order
2. They deliver it straight to the recipient
On-click delivery
• On demand delivery in 15-40 minutes
How it works
1. A customer places an order on your website
2. We ship the order to our local warehouse
3. We send a push notification to the customer in the Yango app saying the order is available for delivery
4. The customer orders delivery whenever they want in just a few taps 
5. The courier delivers the order within 15-40 minutes
Hyperlocal delivery
• Couriers are always nearby
• Delivery in 20-40 minutes
How it works
1. We break down cities into zones around your business where couriers wait for orders
2. As soon as you're ready to ship an order, a courier comes to pick it up immediately and deliver it to the customer
Easy to track deliveries on the map
All items are insured
Our partners
Online stores
Grocery stores
Restaurants and cafes
Getting connected
Online account
• Routing
• Multi-stop deliveries
• Electronic acceptance certificates
• Delivery confirmation code
API integration
• Detailed documentation
• We help with integration
Connection via module
Super fast connection — our modules are already available on WooCommerce and Shopify
Register with us
Try express delivery
in the Yango app
• A courier arrives in 10 minutes
• You can track the courier on the map
• Upfront delivery pricing
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