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Here you can find answers to the most common questions about our service, how to use the Yango Pro app, and other info about completing orders.

Quick start
How to become a taxi driver with Yango

You can become a taxi driver at Yango via one of our partners if you:

  • Have over 3 years of driving experience
  • Have a valid driving license
  • Have no medical contraindications to driving
  • Have no record of a criminal conviction

To perform orders, you will need:

  • A vehicle passport
  • Valid taxi insurance
  • A taxi registration number and taxi license.

We will check the validity and expiration date of every document.

What device do I need to work with Yango?

You need to install Yango Pro, a dedicated app for accepting and performing orders with Yango. The app is currently only available for Android.

To make using the app more convenient, we recommend having a smartphone or tablet that meets the following requirements:

  • At least 2 GB of free memory (4 GB is better)
  • Android version 5.0 or higher
  • GPS support
  • A non-ALOMED screen (ALOMED screens have a shorter life and blink more).

Using Android devices with root/superuser rights is forbidden.

For optimal app performance, we also recommend:

  • Not turning on energy-saving mode because it negatively affects GPS performance
  • Keeping track of the battery level to avoid your phone turning off at the worst possible moment
  • Not breaking traffic regulations, i.e., do not place your phone on your legs or the stick shift. Affix the smartphone with a phone holder. It will improve both GPS and network connection performance.
  • Selecting «Location mode — High accuracy» in GPS settings.
How to start working with Yango

You can receive orders from Yango as a driver of one of our partners’ taxi station or work with the service directly. Fill out this form for a quick start. Please state your:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Country where you work

After you’ve filled out the form, expect a call from our specialist with further instructions within 24 hours (during workdays).

How to get paid for orders

You can find out your specific payment terms from your taxi station. Usually, payments for rides are made every week, while bonuses are paid once a month. The taxi station then pays drivers according to its own schedule.

If you work directly for Yango as a self-employed taxi driver, you’ll receive payment for every week for rides and once a month for bonuses.

Please be aware that the Yango service and taxi stations (if you use one) charge commission:

  • Taxi stations are free to set their own commission rate. Please contact your taxi station to specify.
  • Yango has a fixed rate, which is 3% for taxi drivers who work with taxi stations and 4,71% for direct partners. The rates don’t include VAT.
How much does a Yango taxi driver earn with bonuses?

To make working with Yango partners more advantageous, we’ve introduced a system of bonuses. You can earn them upon meeting specific requirements. These are the bonuses that may apply in Israel at different times:

Bonus for installing a lightbox

Requirements: Install a lightbox at one of our official partners. The lightbox is certified and won’t damage your car. You can take it off at any time.

Click here to learn more about this bonus →

Minimum Earnings Guarantee Bonus

How it works: Take a certain amount of fixed orders per day and receive guaranteed minimum earnings for a ride, even if your actual income from these orders is smaller.

The more orders you take, the more you earn. The fare is higher for cars with lightboxes.

Take, for example, that your minimum fare for 10 orders is 450 NIS. You completed 10 orders for a total of 400 NIS. Your bonus pay is: 450 — 500 = 50 NIS (commission is not included).

Note: Rides with a point A outside the city or less than 2 minutes long are not priced into the bonuses.

Click here to learn more about the bonus →

Bonus for referring a friend

Requirements: Refer a friend to become a Yango driver. If your friend meets the program requirements in their first week, you receive the bonus. To refer a friend, use your unique code available in Yango Pro.

Click here to learn more about the bonus →

Do I have to install Yango branding on my car? What’s the advantage of having it?

You can complete orders even if you don’t have Yango branding installed. However, if you do have it, you’ll be able to receive special bonuses in your Yango Pro balance. Branding is free to install.

Will it damage my car?

The lightbox is certified and installed by certified contractors. Your car is not at risk.

Read more about the lightbox here →

How to earn more with a lightbox
Drivers working with Yango can earn an extra bonus by installing a lightbox on top of their taxi.
First ride
Which apps will I need for work?
Yango Pro is the app for orders

Yango Pro is your go-to app. It offers you the nearest orders, recommends areas with increased demand, builds routes, and creates an income report. When you’re headed home, Yango Pro will also offer you an order on your way, so you don’t waste fuel.

You can download Yango Pro in Google Play:

Download →
Additional navigation tools

Taximeter has a built-in navigation system, but you can always use other navigation apps that you prefer.

One option is Yandex.Navigator, which you can download separately.

You can always select your preferred navigation app to build routes in Taximeter settings.

How soon will I be able to take Yango orders?

Getting started is extremely easy. Simply fill out the registration form on our website or download the Taximeter app on Android and sign up in the app.

After you apply, one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours (during workdays).

Alternatively, you can visit our Hub in person to speak with a specialist face-to-face. They will help you fill out the required paperwork and show you how to use Taximeter. Consultations take about half an hour.

After that, you can hop online and start taking orders.

What are photo checks? What are photo checks? These are remote checks of your taxi and documents. Photo checks unlock access to orders. You don't have to drive anywhere to pass them, all you need is the Yango Pro app.
Your Activity level reflects your commitment to our service. The more orders you complete, the higher your Activity. When you reach a certain Activity level, your priority in order distribution increases allowing you earn more.
Who can I contact regarding my questions or issues?

If you have questions about your payment schedule, terms of rent, or taxi station specifics, please contact your taxi station.

If you have questions about working with the Yango app or have a question about the service, please contact our customer support. There are 3 ways to do that:

  • Write to support via the Yango Pro app through the dedicated section in your account
  • Call the Hub at 077-220-08-09
  • Visit our Hub in person.
Good to know
The Delivery service class is now available in Israel to transport small parcels without a passenger. Delivery first launched in Tel Aviv on February 17, and on March 26 began operating in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Haifa and Beersheba. Check out the Yango website for more info about Delivery and how users place orders through the Yango app.
Drivers working with Yango can wait at the taxi waiting area at Ben Gurion airport!
Yango invites its business partners to join the Yango Fix service!
Yango Pro:
your main tool
Yango Pro
Driver's guide
Yango Pro finds orders for you and suggests places where you can earn more.
Comprehensive information about using the Yango Pro app and a photo check guide.
If you have any issues with the service, feel free to contact our Support team.
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