City (Tel-Aviv) from ₪18.5 

The Yango app will estimate the cost of your ride in the city. The actual price is determined by the taximeter integrated in the car.

You can travel between cities at a fixed price or the meter price — just tell the driver what you want.

Additional charges:

Taxi arrival to a passenger’s pickup location — 5 NIS

Three or more passengers (excluding children under 5) — 5 NIS

Suitcases and other non-hand luggage — 4.40 NIS

The operator of the Yango service provides a platform that connects the customer to the driver and does not sell shuttle (taxi) services. The sale of the ride is done directly by the driver. The prices above are determined in the Control of Goods and Services (Taxicab Fares) Order, 5778-2018 (the “Order”) and are subject to change by the relevant authority. If additional charges that appear in the Order are applicable to the ride, they will be charged to you. The operator of the Yango service may change the prices or terms of the rides, subject to law. For rides within the city the actual price will be as stated on the taximeter. For inter-city rides the actual price will be as stated on the taximeter, or the fixed price published in the Order, if you chose the fixed price. The taxi that will render the ride may be of a different type of car than the taxi that appears in the picture. The picture of the taxi is for illustration purposes only.