City (Tel-Aviv) from ₪16.5 

The regulated tariffs do not apply to the Delivery service class.

The Yango app will calculate the cost of your delivery and provide a quote.
If you proceed to request a delivery after you see the quote and the delivery is confirmed by a taxi, the quote becomes an actual fixed price offer provided that no extras are added (see below) and the actual delivery parameters match those of your request.

If any parameter of the order does not match your request, the delivery cost will be automatically recalculated, or a taxi may increase it or cancel the order.
Additional charges that may be added to the fixed price:
Door-to-door delivery — 10 NIS

The Yango service operator provides a platform that connects customers to drivers, but does not provide delivery services. The delivery services are provided directly by drivers. The Yango service operator may change the prices or terms of delivery, and also apply a coefficient that increases the price when demand is high during peak hours.